Ms. Cossart-Daly supports tenants and people experiencing homelessness. She helps people obtain reasonable accommodations for their disabilities in housing and helps renters facing discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Ms. Cossart-Daly protects tenants’ rights to safe homes and rent stabilization protections. She advises tenants and negotiates with landlords to reach amicable agreements. When necessary, Ms. Cossart-Daly tenaciously enforces the rights of renters and people experiencing homelessness in litigation.


Ms. Cossart-Daly represents students and parents in the fight for educational equity. She works with families and educators to promote equal opportunities for students of all backgrounds, to ensure that all students have a safe space to learn, and to guarantee that students with disabilities receive appropriate medical care at school. Ms. Cossart-Daly helps parents navigate Individualized Education Programs (“IEPs”) and 504 plans, advocates for students’ rights, and acts as a liaison between educators, administration, and families to ensure that students are safe and cared for at school.



Ms. Cossart-Daly combats discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. She advises clients on how to address discriminatory, harassing, or unlawful behavior, negotiates with employers to reach fair solutions, and fights discrimination in legal proceedings. Ms. Cossart-Daly understands the unique challenges faced by pregnant workers. She offers compassionate support for pregnant women and their partners as they navigate parental leave policies, government benefits, and reentry into the workforce post-birth or adoption.

Non-Profit Support

Ms. Cossart-Daly helps organizations develop and implement legal and political strategies that promote diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

Environmental Protection

Ms. Cossart-Daly helps non-profit organizations and private citizens identify and implement innovative solutions to threats to our environment. She advocates for environmental protection and responsible land use in administrative proceedings before cities, counties, and public agencies, and advocates for increased government transparency and environmental protection through the Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”) process. Ms. Cossart-Daly litigates cases involving the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”), the California Coastal Act, state and local planning and zoning ordinances, and other administrative laws.